The Science Behind the Psychic


Many of our greatest minds have explored the possibility of psychic phenomenon and found astoundingly positive results using the scientific method. Certain media personalities such as James Randi, who have absolutely NO scientific training or formal education, and those who quote him will spread blatant lies and defame innocent people as they claim that no legitimate scientific study has been given to the subject of psychic ability. That isn't true. Studies at the University of Arizona, the Windbridge Institute, and with individual mediums repeatedly over the last two centuries, have demonstrated that mediums do speak with deceased loved ones.

Those listed below have studied psychic ability and mediumship and have found them to be valid. It should be noted also that many of the names below have made tremendous contributions to mankind from the birth of atomic power to discovering several elements that now appear on our periodic table of elements! Even the inventor of the modern air conditioner was deeply interested in using science to explain the paranormal. I have yet to see any of the skeptics refute these scientists' findings or make any relevant contributions to the scientific community at the same scale.

Here is a list of names of just a smidgeon of the number of great minds who have explored and found evidence for psychic ability and life after death using the scientific method:
*Note, below is a link to a website where you can verify and find a lot more information about the subjects.


Dr. Dean Radin.

Sir William Crookes

Albert Einstein

Dr. Gary Schwartz

Dr. Ian Stevenson

Victor Zammit

Dr. Sonia Rinaldi

Sir william Barrett

Dr. Robert Hare

Professor James J. Mapes

Dr. Alfred Russel Wallace

Sir Oliver Lodge

Dr. Glen Hamilton (Canadian doctor)

George Meek

and hundreds more

The primary weapon for the last decade that skeptics use to refute science is the infamous “James Randi million dollar challenge.” To the skeptics, this is a fair and legitimate test for which anyone claiming to be psychic can apply. The idea behind it is that if you successfully demonstrate a paranormal ability in front of a group of scientists, then you will win $1 million. Sounds simple and straight forward right? The problem however is that in order to scientifically prove anything, you need to design elaborate test protocols using the scientific method. And you would need years of repeat results before you could come to a conclusion. The cost of such an experiment into the paranormal would require a lot more than $1 million. Several hundred people would need to be involved and paid accordingly for their time and energy in the experiment. The James Randi challenge is not scientific at all; it is “flim flam” as he would put it. The mere notion that someone can prove whether or not a psychic phenomenon is occurring in one short experiment in front of a panel of scientists who have little to no experience studying the paranormal is not only laughable but insulting to the foundation of science: the scientific method.

And furthermore, there is a $1 million challenge that has been available to the public for almost as long as the Randi challenge. It can be found by visiting Victor has made a challenge to any skeptic who can create a rebuttal to his objective evidence for the paranormal and afterlife. Victor’s challenge is fair and in line with proper scientific procedures.