Here's the answer to life:

You are created of true love and exist in "the place with no edge- therefore there is no centre" (aka: heaven,) where you are a shining extension of endless light, love and power... In this natural eternal state, you experience what it's like to be totally provided for and taken care of by God. You can do anything but you don't even need to because everything you ever could want or would want is done before you ask.

For a moment the tiny mad idea crept into your mind and you forgot to laugh at the absurdity of this notion; "what if I did everything by myself?"

Suddenly in a flash you experienced this idea as your "reality" because you have the power of god. A new and unfamiliar voice began to speak to you... The voice of fear. And it convinced you to take "refuge" here in a universe of duality and chaos and separation as you think you attacked god and now fear repremand.

So you appear to be born in to countless bodies and experience life of limitation and lack and at best, guilty pleasure (but don't worry that's temporary, as even oxygen is a free radical and kills you eventually)- and what tiny moments of what you call "love" sporadically appear are in fact born out of loneliness, lack desperation, projection and judgement... Which are all a special variety of hatred.

After a while you begin to hear a new voice... The voice of unconditional Love. This beautiful consistent voice of true sanity guides you to different books, and people. It's a familiar voice which you've heard before in the great teachers who have entered your lives at the moments when you were most free to listen...

Now you begin to learn what it means to give the things you think you're seeing and experiencing such as; Pain, illness, death, the world, wars, crimes, your family and pets and children and friends as well as ex lovers- all over to God, for God to handle for you instead of you making your own judgements about everything... Surrender your world to god using your mind. "when you change the way you look at life and the world, your experience within the world will change.".

The natural and simple by product of every small forgiveness act is a miracle. Today's "modern spirituality" believes in the power of manifestation meanwhile so few people actually access their true divine power to manifest diddly squat... If you practiced forgiveness more, then you'd remember how to actually call upon miracles. A miracle is when a possible future timeline is collapsed, canceling out needless suffering for yourself as well as others, because you have gained knowledge now and no longer require said "experience." Miralces mean "it's party time." Miracles are cutting class early... The result of miracles is endless and you get to finally have the things you truly long for with out anyone else losing out in the process. It's a "win win" for all involved. Manifestations appear to happen but what's actually going on is your highest good is becoming visible to you on the level of form here in the world of dreams, thanks to your having learned something real for once in this life!

Finally... Now you've begun to have mystical experiences and you have been shown true love and remember the home you actually come from. Via forgiveness you are reunited with old friends and lovers from past lifetimes. These reunions happen in wonderous ways as you find yourself "in the right place at the right time" to cross paths with these special ancient loved ones, and it's a freaking party! Remember that forgiveness is done entirely at the level of mind. You dont have to tell anyone youre forgiving. Forgiveness is the act of remembering that "everything I see and experience is FOR THE PURPOSE OF GIVING TO GOD", aka "for giving to god." Do not do this life alone anymore... Even though the universe appears to have many dimensions which appear quite "real", such as the various timelines that psychic mediums tune into- and even the astral realms, where dead people hang out between lifetimes in a body- you can see through the ego's design tricks and you don't take anything here seriously anymore...

You laugh more, appear calm, and enlightenment is now your natural state. Not everyone agrees with you but since there's very little that the ego can do "to you" while youre in this state, you stop giving two shakes of a lambs tail about what "others" appear to believe... You are the teacher of teachers now. When you arrive in any given location, very few bad things happen and people experience a sense of warmth, joy, and peace and a safety they long forgot because you are like the moon, hanging loosely in the night sky effortlessly reflecting light down across the valleys and eyelids of sleeping children... "For love never belonged to you, it's always been God's love and you merely reflect it." People want you because you remind them of a long forgotten home they are temporarily unconscious of yet somehow have longed to remember forever...

As your final days in a body approach no more fear exists in you, because the voice of unconditional love has gained your trust via its consistency. Trust- after all- is formed when we see repeated results over an extended period of time~

.. The final lessons now come and you effortlessly forgive them with great ease. You teach your brothers and sisters that it's possible to gently lay the body aside with zero pain when the time to wake up fully from this so called life arrives. With a few loving words of wisdom and a gracious smile you ascend.. The great master returned to the home they only thought they left.