The wisdom of Florence Scovel Shinn

This remarkable lady, whom was born in the late 1800’s in New York, became one of the most celebrated spiritual authors of her time. Her first book “The Game of Life and How to Play it” is still published and widely read today. I was deeply influenced and still am by Florence Scovel Shinn’s work.

Many spiritual authors today mostly write books and make money from doing public lectures where large audiences will pay for admission. But seldom do we see a so called “spiritual teacher” actually practicing what they preach.

What sets Florence Scovel Shinn apart from the common spiritual author is that most of her true life’s work can be described as being a “spiritual psycho-therapist.” Thousands of people came to seek Florence over the years for her treatments. In the privacy of her home office she would offer a -sort of- spiritual counselling where she would apply the philosophies of all the greatest thinkers and spiritual masters of the past to virtually any life problem that you could imagine. Through her teachings and counselling people came to find miraculous healings as well as sudden turns of luck in their lives which came about in specific and eerily mysterious ways.

The peak of Florence’s career occurred exactly during the great depression. A time when many thousands of people were committing suicide due to experiencing total financial and personal loss in their lives. It is my conviction as a psychic that Florence was divinely inspired and that her work and books saved many lives during the depression. What is remarkable is that the theme in every one of her writings is about prosperity. Furthermore, having been born a woman and living as an artist in New York, which was considered the central spot for the great economic depression suggests that she should have been poor. Yet this woman beat the odds of her day and reached levels of wild success. This fact must be noted. She was no hypocrite.

Today Florence Scovel Shinn’s books are categorized as “self help” and “New age thought movement.” These terms are very vague and as a matter of fact are inaccurate. My prediction is that Florence will be recognized in history as having been one of the few teachers of “Non-duality.” The concept of non-duality basically suggests that there are no “two powers” in our Universe. Florence taught us that most of us live life experiencing constant separation anxiety. And that anxiety is the catalyst for every life problem that you will ever have. Her books spell out a -how to- guide on changing your mind from the belief in lack and separation to a one track system of total reliance on God for everything. During my development as a psychic medium I was working with young teenagers who had lost parents and or siblings to death. One young man once said to me “If there really is a God then that means there can only be happy endings.”

This statement out of the mouth of a babe (who had never read a spiritual book in his life) struck me deeply as I reflect on Florence Scovel Shinn’s teachings. Indeed if there is a God, then all of these unhappy things are nothing more than hurtles or branches on our path way to Heaven. And all of the unhappy endings and loss that we seem to experience in life is nothing more than a bad dream that serves no purpose other than to make us forget God.

Finally, Florence’s work suggests taking total responsibility for your own life. Critics of religion and spirituality suggest that weak minded people who cannot handle life will subscribe to religion and spirituality in order to pacify themselves. An atheist once told me “You need to believe in life after death because you’re terribly afraid to die.” My response to the Atheist was “No, I experience contact with people from the afterlife which leaves me wonderfully un-afraid to die.” When you read the works of Florence Scovel Shinn you will instantly realize that what she is trying to say to her readers is that nothing in life is beyond you, that everything we experience was called in to existence by our very own mind. And that only through changing your mind from a belief in lack, fear, separation and death to a total and unwavering sense that God is truly providing for you fully can you finally break free of suffrage.

This simple message that Florence brings us was only one piece in the puzzle of finding our way out of this “soul sleep” that we all seem to be stuck in. But from a paranormal researchers point of view, it was uncanny that it came from a woman who lived in a time of female repression, in a city that had been undergoing a total financial collapse and to put a cherry on top of the proverbial cake, she had even undergone a nasty divorce just a few years before she published her first book. The odds of such a profound message of love and unity with God coming from such a source as this woman are possibly billions to one. Something paranormal was happening indeed!

Please go out and find yourself a copy of The Game of Life and How to Play it, & may God continually bless and send all of our love to Florence Scovel Shinn.