Website up & Running

I have finally reconstructed most of the site with photo’s an links to my YouTube channel where you can see my video content. I have had to learn to build the site on my own after some technical challenges made my previous site stop working…

If you or anyone you know has had difficulty getting in contact with me please e-mail or call me at: or 416-903-9009

I look forward to giving your reading!

2 thoughts on “Website up & Running”

  1. Hi Brough:
    I thought there was a schedule up to self schedule. Has that been discontinued? I’ll need to tell a client I’ve referred.

    Warm regards,

    1. Hi Jo-Ann I only just got this comment, please always e-mail me directly for questions. The scheduler is up, both on the main page and schedule a reading page where you scroll down and click the purple button.

      E-mail me if you can’t find it:

      Thanks so much!

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