Brough Perkins 


"Since survival is guaranteed..."

“Since survival is guaranteed, even after your physical body dies, you are still alive. That means all life must be about growth and not about survival of the fittest as we were culturally taught to believe!”

"Mediums and seers... "

For hundreds of years, individuals like you have sought the counsel of gifted mediums and seers. Their stories have been told in many historic records, including sections of the Christian bible and ancient Greece where politicians sat with the Oracles at Delphi to consult the visionaries about the future of their campaigns. Today, police officers consulting mediums about unsolved crimes and many popular television shows document the work of gifted mediums helping members of the public. We have seen time and again proof that psychic readings are helping to change lives and bring healing. In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s wonderful mediums such as Edgar Cayce, Leslie Flint, and Helen Duncan worked tirelessly to develop their abilities and use them to help others at little to no charge. Helen Duncan, a Scottish medium, did not accept much payment for her services. Rather, she collected children’s shoes to donate to orphans during World War I when mass production of killing machines left many of the European countries without enough supplies to feed and clothe their orphaned children.

The effects of such a realization are such that you will not let negatives bog you down too easily and you will be more prone to accept lessons as they come, as well as help others on their own journey to grow. Life is better when you have a more complete picture of your purpose and path here on Earth.